New business aims to give clients ‘perfect hair days’


SUTTON — Sandra Roy-Cournoyer says that her newest business, Blown Away@San Laurent, is designed to provide girls and women with Ph.Ds with “perfect hair days.” 

This past weekend, Ms. Roy-Cournoyer and Lauren Stratford, her daughter and business partner, marked the opening of their blow dry bar in Sutton Square, adjacent to their existing full service salon called San Laurent Hair Artistry. 

About a year and a half ago, the duo began discussing the concept of starting a blow dry bar, an establishment that offers clients a shampoo and styling without cutting or coloring involved. Ms. Roy-Cournoyer notes that these “bars,” have been popular in large cities for a couple of years, and began opening in Boston about eight months ago. She believes the nearest blow dry bar to Sutton is located in Chestnut Hill. 

“I did a lot of research to see what was going on. Blow dry bars were cited on a success list as one of the most popular odd businesses. We decided to give it a try,” she said. 

Blown Away@San Laurent features its own entrance and is separated by doors from San Laurent. The bar has a staff of four; two of their existing hairstylists will work two days per week at Blown Away. Two makeup stylists were also hired. 

Although San Laurent salon has a strong client base of approximately 250 people weekly from across Massachusetts as well as Rhode Island and Connecticut, the owners emphasize that Blown Away will be its own entity. 

“It’s like the shampoo and set days for modern times,” Ms. Roy-Cournoyer said. Ms. Stratford said that the blow dry styles can last for a few days, and are ideal for people needing a quick fix for a special occasion, an evening out or just a morale boost. 

“It’s a way to never have a bad hair day again,” Ms. Stratford said.. 

“We want it to be an uplifting experience for everybody. It’s a pick me-up and a feel good thing to do for yourself,” Ms. Roy-Cournoyer said. 

Initially, Blown Away@San Laurent will be open Thursday through Saturday on a walk-in basis or by appointment. On Monday through Wednesday, it will operate by appointment only. 

The establishment’s décor is highlighted by a long “bar,” featuring blow dryers hanging from above and in slots along it to correspond with client chairs. On the bar, patrons will find “menus,” a list of styling options to choose from with names like Martini and Margarita (straight with little body, big hair/lots of volume, respectively) and add on possibilities including a Woo-Woo (10-minute head massage) or a Striptease, which involves removing all impurities and minerals from hair strands. 

Most blow dry styles cost $35, with add-ons ranging from $10 to $25 on top of the base price. 

Ms. Roy-Cournoyer emphasized that the business is suitable for all ages, with services available to teenagers to teach them how to “enhance their natural beauty,” with minimal makeup application. She called a menu item dubbed “Sweet Times” for children 10 and under, the “Shirley Temple of the 21st Century.” 

Blown Away@San Laurent also offers services for ‘tween parties (ages 13 to 18), for pre-events like bachelorette parties for five adults or more, and for mother and daughter time together. 

“We want this to be a place that feels comfortable for everyone,” Ms. Stratford says. They emphasize that patrons need not be regular clients to stop by. Their promotional materials note, “No cheating on your stylist.” 

With 35 and 10 years of experience in the field, respectively, the mother and daughter owners have high hopes for this venture. 

“Our goal is to have people love the way they feel when they leave,” Ms. Roy-Cournoyer said.